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A Win-Win-Win Mindset

We believe transparency, integrity, and shared values are imperative for a collaborative relationship. We're dedicated to honest dealings and fair, straight-forward offers that provide positive outcomes for all parties - a win for the seller, a win for the employees and customers, and a win for us.


We are NOT a private equity fund; instead, we are committing our personal capital to this deal, with the intent to own the business for decades to come.

Investment Criteria

We are long-term owners seeking to acquire an established small business


You've spent a lifetime building and nurturing your business - we recognize our solemn duty to safeguard your financial achievements and to preserve and celebrate the legacy you've cemented along the way.

Stakeholder Success

Our primary mission is to cultivate the company's existing relationships, such that employees continue to be proud of where they work, and customers remain delighted with the services they receive.

Community Partners

We strive to be force multipliers for the greater good, and measure success not only via happy stakeholders and company profits, but also by making a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

Investment Criteria

Our ideal business has the following attributes: a mature company with 10+ years of operations; consistent record of stable growthloyal customers; predictable and recurring revenues; and EBITDA (or Seller's Discretionary Earnings) of $500,000 - $2,000,000

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Broad Geography

In the spirit of continuing the legacy of a family-owned business, we lean toward geographies that best allow us to spend time with our own families.  As such, our preference is for businesses located in Georgia, Montana, and Virginia, but we remain open to companies located in the broader Southeast or Mountain West.

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Industry Agnostic

Our search is largely industry agnostic, as we are primarily concerned with the fundamentals of the business and its culture.  However, we will likely not pursue the following categories: pure technology firms; single unit hospitality businesses; firms with recent exponential growth; or businesses needing significant capital infusion.


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Established Businesses

We are seeking businesses with a long-standing history of success, as defined by profitable operations across market cycles while maintaining a sterling reputation.  While modest year-over-year growth is attractive, we're also looking for firms that have carved out a protected industry niche measured over decades, not years.      


Meet the Team

Bingham C. Jamison, CFA

Bingham joins JMLP after a 15-year investment career. A widely-published author and an avid philanthropist, Bingham serves on the board of the Richmond Fisher House, and is a member of Chris Long's Waterboys team. Bingham joined the Marines after 9/11, and commanded counterintelligence units in Iraq. A graduate of UVA's McIntire School of Commerce, Bingham lives in Charlottesville, VA with his two kids.


Matt Mansfield

Matt comes to JMLP after a 10-year career at Aflac, where he filled executive roles in corporate development, finance, venture capital, and compliance. Prior to Aflac, Matt was the Director of Operations for an Atlanta-based construction company. A graduate of Duke University, Matt resides in Columbus, GA with his wife and three kids, and serves on the board of The Boys & Girls Club of the Chattahoochee Valley.


Connect with us

Considering selling your business? Looking for more information? Interested in speaking with our team? 

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Please send us an email or submit an inquiry through the adjacent web form, and we will respond shortly.


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